VN maintains tariffs on steel imports


Việt Nam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) on Monday released a decision to maintain anti-dumping duties on H-shaped and coated steel products imported from China and the Republic of Korea.

Within 60 days before the end of one year since the issuance date of this decision, interested parties may submit the request for review of the application of the anti-dumping measure.

In August 2017, the MoIT decided to apply anti-dumping measures for some H-shaped steel products imported from China. Currently, H-shaped steel imported from China is subject to a tax rate of 20.48 to 29.4 per cent.

In March 2017, the ministry also decided to levy anti-dumping duties on imported coated steel from mainland China (including Hong Kong) and the Republic of Korea.

However, on July 20 last year, the MoIT removed Hong Kong from the tax bracket. The official anti-dumping duty applicable to coated steel imported from China is 3.17-38.34 per cent and the Republic of Korea 7.02-19 per cent.