Vietnam’s top ten export items

  • Telephones and components rose 10.9% to nearly US$25.5 billion, making up 19.8% of the country’s total export revenue


  • Garment hit US$17.78 billion, up 4.9%


  • Computers, electronics and components jumped 13.7% to US$12.89 billion, accounting for 10% of the country’s total export value.


  • Footwear: US$9.41 billion, up 7.7%


  • Machines, equipment and tools: US$7.32 billion, up 24.8%


  • Seafood surged 6.1% to nearly US$5.02 billion. Major markets posting growth included the US (up 14.3% to US$1.05 billion), the EU (up 1.7% to US$865 million) and Japan (up 1.8% to US$759 million)


  • Wood and timber products: US$4.98 billion, up 1.4%



Photo: CBR Investment AG