Vietnam’s per capita GDP 2015 reaches more than USD 2’100


Vietnam’s GDP in 2015 is estimated to increase 6.68% over 2014, higher than the target 6.2% and higher than the growth rates of the years from 2011 to 2014.
Specifically, GDP growth of 2011 was 6.25%, 5.25% for 2012, 5.42% for 2013 and 5.98% for 2014.

According to the General Statistics Office, the figure showed the recovery of the economy. In general, the growth of agriculture, forestry and fisheries increased by 2.41%, lower than the 3.44% of 2014 (contributing 0.4 percentage points).
The industry and construction sector grew by 9.64%, much higher than the previous year’s increase of 6.42% (contributing 3.20 percentage points), in the industry rose 9.39% over the previous year; the construction industry rose 10.82%, the highest rate since 2010.

The service sector rose 6.33%, contributing 2.43 percentage points to the overall increase.

According to GSO, the scale of the economy in 2015, based on the current prices, reaches VND4,192.9 trillion. Accordingly, per capita GDP in 2015 was estimated at VND45.7 million, equivalent to $ 2,109, up $57 compared with 2014.
In terms of the use of GDP, final consumption increased by 9.12% compared with 2014; accumulated assets rose 9.04%; and balance of export and import of goods and services made the reduction of 8.62 percentage points of overall growth.

SOURCE: VientamNews