Vietnam official holds talks in US


Washington, DC (VNS) — Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Phạm Bình Minh held talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington, DC on March 31 to discuss measures to strengthen the two countries’ comprehensive partnership and prepare for President Barack Obama’s visit to Việt Nam.
Minh affirmed that Việt Nam attaches great significance to its co-operation with the US, and appreciated both countries’ efforts to realise the agreements reached by their leaders.

Vietnamese leaders welcomed the upcoming visit by President Obama, he stated, suggesting that the two countries prepare well and intensify exchanges in order to reach specific agreements during this visit.
Kerry said he hopes the two countries will step up collaboration to deepen their comprehensive partnership in strategic areas, including economy, trade, investment, education, climate change response, science and technology.
He said they should aim for the early establishment of mechanisms to intensify people-to-people exchanges, including an agreement related to the Peace Corps’ teaching of the English language in Việt Nam.The US indicated it will continue efforts to support Việt Nam in addressing war consequences, particularly detoxifying dioxin-contaminated areas, and in improving the capacity of law enforcement and marine police forces.Kerry referenced the negative impacts of climate change that Việt Nam and other countries in the region are suffering from, confirming that the US will carry out more specific measures to help Việt Nam deal with drought and saltwater intrusion.
Referring to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), he said the Obama administration appreciates Việt Nam’s efforts in how it worked with other countries to conclude negotiations on the deal, affirming that the US is now canvassing the Parliament to approve the agreement in 2016.
The US will continue efforts to accelerate recognition of Việt Nam as a market economy, and provide technical assistance to the nation during its implementation of the TPP, Kerry added.
At the talks, the two sides also exchanged opinions on regional and international situations, including the East Sea issue.
The US affirmed that it backs efforts to ensure maritime security and safety, and that disputes should be handled through legal processes and by peaceful means on the basis of international law.
On Wednesday, Minh received leaders from the Boeing company and the Asian Coast Development Ltd (ACDL), during which he pledged to continue facilitating operations of foreign enterprises in Việt Nam.
He asked Boeing to provide continued technical assistance to help Việt Nam gain a Category 1 rating in aviation safety as soon as possible, as it will allow the country to establish a direct air route to the US.Minh is in the US to attend the fourth Nuclear Security Summit.

Source: Vietnam News

Photo: Thanh Tuan