Vietnam has first National Assembly Chairwoman


In the voting in the form of secret ballot, 472 out of 481 valid votes approved Ngan for the NA Chair position, while 467 among 477 valid votes supported her as head of the NEC.

The legislature then adopted a resolution on the election of the NA Chairwoman and the NEC head with 100 percent of approval votes.In the swearing-in ceremony, the newly-elected NA Chairwoman pledged absolute loyalty to the fatherland, the people and the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.“I promise to exert efforts to well fulfil the tasks assigned by the Party, State and people”, she said.Also during the morning session, the NA Standing Committee submitted a proposal on the dismissal of the President position, which it said is prompted by the requirements of personnel arrangement in line with the outcomes of the 12th National Party Congress.The NA will discuss the proposal throughout the day.


Photo : Zing