Vietnam boasts huge potential for green growth


With great advantages for developing wind and solar energy, Vietnam has a huge potential for developing a green economy with which to accomplish its goal of industrialization and modernization by 2020.

A green economy is defined as one that improves human well-being and social equality, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities”.

Vietnam has a strong potential for agricultural development and helping to ensure global food security. In addition to advantages in developing renewable energies like wind and solar, Vietnam boasts a stable socio-political climate and laws, policies, and mechanisms favorable to investment, as well as expanding international relations. Vietnam’s workers are noted for their industriousness and cleverness, ideal for developing a green economy.

Vietnam needs to move from being a brown economy to being a green one by efficiently using energy and replacing non-renewable energy, said Dr. Nguyen Van Tai, Director General of the Vietnam Environment Administration.

„It’s of great importance to identify the role of natural resources in Vietnam’s sustainable development and prosperity. We can not guarantee future sustainable development if we use up all of our natural resources.“, added Mr. Tai.

A green economy is the sustainable development path preferred by many advanced countries in the context of climate change. Vietnam has approved a national strategy of green growth in the period 2011- 2020, with vision toward 2050, to strongly boost economic restructuring and rapid, sustainable growth.


Photo: VAM