Vietnam announces final 870 candidates for legislature seats


The final list of 870 candidates who will run for 500 seats in Vietnam’s legislative body was announced on Tuesday afternoon by the country’s National Election Council.

Chief of the National Election Council Office Nguyen Hanh Phuc chaired a press conference in Hanoi to announce the official list of candidates running for the 14th term of the lawmaking National Assembly.Eight hundred and seventy candidates were listed, who will be selected by voters from 184 electoral units across Vietnam in May for 500 seats in the country’s legislature.

Out of the 162 self-nominated candidates as reported by the National Election Council on March 29, only 11 made it to the final list.Answering Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper’s questions on why some self-nominated candidates that have gained confidence from their local electorates were crossed out from the final list after the third consultation round, Nguyen Hanh Phuc said, “Members of the Vietnam Fatherland Front who voted in the third consultation conference had a more comprehensive view than electorates in the candidate’s neighborhood or workplace, who might only focus on matters in that area.”According to figures by the National Election Council Office, of the 870 candidates, 197 were nominated by the central government and 673 by local governments.Three hundred and thirty-nine candidates are women, 204 are from ethnic minorities, 97 are non-Party candidates, 168 are running for re-election, and 268 are under 40, according to the same figures.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have 50 candidates each, who will run for a total of 60 seats in the assembly.The National Assembly is Vietnam’s legislative body, whose 500 members are elected every five years via a national election.

The election of members of the 14th National Assembly, which will serve from 2016 to 2021, is scheduled for May 22 this year.

Source: Tuoi Tre News

Photo: Tuoi Tre News