Top export agricultural products in 11 months


Exports of key agricultural products are estimated at US$13.7 billion in 11 months ending December.



Vietnam ships 4.54 million tons of rice in 11 months leading up to December 2016 to fetch US$2 billion, down 25% in volume and 20.3% in value.


China is the biggest importer of Vietnamese rice in 10 months (accounting for 36% of market shares), trailed by Ghana (making up 11.5% of market shares).


 Vietnam exports 1.1 million tons of rubber to get US$1.43 billion in 11 months, up 12.3% in volume and 4.6% in value, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


China and India are two biggest importers of Vietnamese rubber with 66.1% of total export value.


Cashew nut exports reach 320,000 tons or US$2.59 billion, up 6.2% in volume and 18.3% in value.



The three largest consumers of Vietnamese cashew nuts are the US, China and the Netherlands, representing market shares of 34%, 14.2% and 13.5%, respectively.


Vietnam shipped 170,000 tons of pepper in 11 months to earn US$1.37 billion, up 36.7% in volume and 15.1% in value. Top importers of Vietnamese pepper are the US, Saudi Arabia, India and Germany.


Wood and timber products exports are estimated at US$6.2 billion during the first 11 months, a year-on-year rise of 0.7%.



The US, Japan and China are the top three importers of Vietnamese wood and timber products.


Seafood exports rose 6.9% to US$6.4 billion during the first 11 months.


Top four importers of Vietnamese seafood – the US, Japan, China and the Republic of Korea accounted for 54.1% of total export value.