Samsung Việt Nam develops intensive language programe


Samsung Electronics Việt Nam (SEV) in association with University of Social Sciences and Humanities and the University of Languages and International Studies on Saturday held a ceremony to mark completion of the 14th Korean language course.

The course was taken by outstanding employees at SEV and Samsung Electronics Việt Nam Thái Nguyên (SEVT) plants.

The programme is a part of SEV’s sustainable development plan to contribute to the country’s high quality human resource development in general and to provide Samsung’s employees opportunities to learn and improve their capabilities.

The programme is undertaken by Samsung annually for free for its employee, with the company spending nearly VNĐ50million (US$2,200) spent per trainee, and is exclusive for employees performing exceptionally well in the SEV and SEVT plants.   

Each course, which continues for 12 straight weeks, will be taught by Korean lecturers and Vietnamese teachers with PhD and master’s degrees from the two leading universities.

On returning to work, the employees can practice their intensive Korean skills at their department by self-study or through spending time with Korean dispatchers. Following the 12-weeks course, all trainees will get the opportunity to obtain the TOPIK certificate. All the trainees are provided with training, accommodation and meals for free.

„We believe every Samsung employee comes here not just to work, but to also get an opportunity to develop soft skills and hard skills for their personal development. Therefore, their development is a high priority within the company. We hope through these training programmes, our Vietnamese employees will be more proactive and confident in the global working environment and develop solid skills during the management process in the future”, Cho Hoseok, general director of Human Resources, said.

Established in 2014, Samsung has organised 14 Korean training courses for nearly 250 employees. Samsung expects to host another six training courses for 120 employees next year.

Samsung has also established several training programnes for management levels, as well as the entire staff body at the two factories.

Source: VNS

Photo: VNS