Russian investment in Vietnam


Up to August this year, Russian businesses had invested in 111 projects with a registered capital of US$1.05 billion. With this result, Russia now ranks 23 out of 112 foreign countries and territories that have invested in Vietnam.

In the first eight months alone they invested in seven new projects with a registered capital of US$5.87 million.

Russian investment goes to 13 of Vietnam’s 18 economic sectors. Mining came first with seven projects valuing at US$581.2 million, accounting for 55% of its total investment, trailed by accommodations and food services (seven projects valuing at US$203.6 million) and manufacturing and processing industries (34 projects with a value of US$133.8 million).

Russian businesses have invested in 23 out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Offshore oil and gas production has attracted most of Russian investment with six projects with a registered capital of US$531.2 million.


Photo: CBR Investment AG