Real Estate “Big Player” Eurowindow and Mövenpick Management Enter the Resort Villa Market


Thanks to the improvement of the infrastructure in coastal cities from Hai Phong to Ho Chi Minh City and the removal of legal barriers, recently the real estate resort market has witnessed the accession of a series of „giants“ with projects worth thousands of billions of Vietnamese dong.

For the last two years, this kind of resort real estate has become hotter day after day due to the competition of domestic and foreign investors. Many large-scale resort real estate projects, which are simultaneously funded by “big players” of the real estate sector, are shaping the market.According to a report from CBRE Vietnam, in the Northern region, a total of 6 large-scale villa and apartment projects are being developed, mainly in Sa Pa and Ha Long, two regions that attract a huge number of tourists, such as the Mercure Sapa Resort, Golden Valley Resort, Lotus Residence, Newlife Project, Halong Marina and FLC Samson.Deeper in the Central region, the total number of project rose up to 42 with 16 apartment projects, mainly along the beach, such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, and the Southern region. Large-scale projects are currently developing like Vinpearl Premium Villas, Blue Sapphire Resort, Sea Star Suite, and Six Senses Con Dao.Recently, the market witnessed the entry of a „giant“ in real estate business, Eurowindow, developing 2 five-star ecotourism and resort areas: Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort and Radisson Blu Cam Ranh at Bai Dai, Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa. The project is built on an area of over 35 hectares with a capital investment of over 2,000 billion dong. This is one of the showcase projects in the eco-tourism development master plan of Khanh Hoa province to drive the Northern Cam Ranh peninsula tourist area to become a key national tourism area.Speaking about the project developer, Eurowindow Nha Trang is a member of Eurowindow Holding, which is famous with Eurowindow and Melinh Plaza brands and real estate projects in Vietnam and the Russian Federation.Coastal resort real estate is becoming a highly profitable investment channel attracting many investors in the market. Developer Eurowindow reserved one part of the Mövenpick Cam Ranh Resort project for very special offers. Mövenpick Villas have many advantages and are especially predominant compared to other resort villas in the market because: All villas bear the international Mövenpick brand, meaning that it can add more value and prestige to the resort real estate and investors are able to use, make transactions, or transfer under the Mövenpick Villas trademark; and investors can participate in the sub-lease program with high returns, and are able to stay at the villa for up to 180 days per year. It is both a profitable real estate and a second house that can be proactively used. Not only do 121 Mövenpick Villas face the sea and possess sea views, but their living rooms and bedrooms are also designed to have sea views. This is an extremely important criterion, which is crucial in enhancing the value of the coastal resort villas. Mövenpick Villas is a safe investment opportunity with high returns by commitments of developers to share 85% profit of rent and not less than 10% per year for 10 years.

In addition, to ensure greater safety for the investment, it is possible to choose a plan guaranteed by VP Bank for a profit commitment of minimum of 9% per year for 10 years. Mövenpick Villa is the first and only resort property in Vietnam implementing bank guarantee for profit commitment policy. Purchasers are also supported through long loans, up to 70% of the villa value, when investing in Mövenpick Villas. This is an extremely preferential loan policy, which is highest in the market today.In the market today, most of the real estate resorts in Vietnam are run by international mangement companies for hotel operating purposes only, but the residential parts are not allowed to trade and possess under the management brands. In contrast, a number of resort real estates are allowed to trade and possess but are built, operated, and managed by domestic developers with their own standards. With Mövenpick villas, the purchasers can purchase, transfer and use the villa under Mövenpick Villas trademark.The experts in the industry said that this is an appropriate time for the coastal resort real estate projects to launch due to the conditions such as: stable macroeconomic, market supporting policy that create effectiveness for market recovery, broad investment in infrastructure and transportation connections, and foreigners are eligible to possess long-term ownership in Vietnam.

“People are increasingly interested in life quality. The number of people who use resort services is rising, and this will boost the demand for the resort real estate market. Investors recognize that the coastal resort real estate market will obtain profit in the long term and prices are expected to increase along with the development of the tourism industry. It is expected to be quite vibrant in the near future,” an expert evaluated.

Source: Vientam News

Photo: Mövenpick