PNJ reinvigorated after cooperation with Swarovski


The brand cooperation agreement PNJ and Austrian reputed Swarovski group signed on August 19 is considered an important and valuable cooperation for both sides.

With this milestone, PNJ has increasingly confirmed its strategic steps at lightning speed on the journey to conquer its vision of becoming „The leading jewelry manufacturer and retailer in Asia“.

Developing the vision of becoming “the leading jewelry manufacturer and retailer in Asia” and determining the mission to “bring pride to customers” always motivate and inspire PNJ to constantly explore, create and bring sophisticated products of superior quality, to meet the tastes of every customer.

Besides the product line of diamond jewelry and gemstones which make up the brand reputation, PNJ has launched the product line ECZ jewelry using Swarovski Zirconia stone bringing perfect cutting, shining brightly as the diamonds and creating a new wind in the trend of beauty with jewelry.

Brand cooperation with Swarovski helps PNJ continue to increase its brand strength and conquer the vision of becoming „the leading jewelry manufacturer and retailer in Asia“



The officially signing of the agreement to guarantee the origin „Made with Swarovski Zirconia“ between PNJ and Swarovski continues to affirm clear origin, superior quality of CZ stones which are used by PNJ as the material to craft ECZ fashion jewelry line, while continuing to enhance the value of products, brand reputation as well as reliability of consumers.

Hence, Vietnamese customers will have many opportunities to experience standard high-end jewelry line by exquisite combination between design and craft by PNJ based on Swarovski CZ stone with a perfect beauty and modern fashion inspiration of Swarovski brand.

Commenting on this partnership, Mr. Kurt Zbinden, Executive Vice President of Swarovski in Asia – Pacific Region said that “It is attitude and innovative spirit that takes PNJ to Swarovski and allows PNJ always to be the pioneer in Vietnam’s jewelry industry. We believe that the cooperation of PNJ and Swarovski Gemstones through  innovative ECZ jewelry collection is a perfect combination for the domestic jewelry market”.

With important collaboration such as agreement with Swarovski, PNJ will continue to raise awareness as well as the brand’s position as the leading luxury jewelry manufacturer and retailer in Asia and over the global reach.

It also noted the significance of international partnership for PNJ regarding the development as well as the reach of Vietnam jewelry – PNJ brand will soon be a proud identity on the map of the world jewelry industry.

Ms. Cao Thi Ngoc Dung said the next time the two parties will support each other closely in marketing activities to further promote design, craft, marketing and trading of products.

The exploitation of superior strengths of Swarovski stones with qualifications and design skills, and exquisite craft of PNJ will contribute to create breakthrough collections and certainly PNJ’s business results will be more positive through this cooperation strategy.

Source: Tuoi Tre News

Photo: Swarovski