Over 11.32 billion shares traded on HNX in nine months


Hanoi – As many as 379 companies have their shares listed on the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) in the first nine months of the year with more than 11.32 billion stocks worth 113.4 trillion VND (5 billion USD).

In the nine-month period, 55 million shares were traded in a trading session on average  on the northern bourse with a average value of 587 billion VND (25.8 million USD) per session, up 15 percent and 6.7 percent year-on-year, respectively.

The HNX-Index stood at 107.66 points at the end of the September 29 session, up 3.5 percent from one month ago.

The HNX’s market capitalisation value was over 196.11 trillion VND (8.63 billion USD), an 2.9 percent increase from the previous month.

In September, 14 companies began offering their shares on the Unlisted Public Company (UPCoM), raising the total number of enterprises trading on the market to 635. UPCoM’s market capitalization value was estimated at 499.77 trillion VND (22 billion USD).

The UPCoM-Index reached 54.39 points on September 29, decreasing 0.1 percent from the end of August.

During the January-September period, 10.6 million shares were traded in a trading session on average with a total value of 187 billion VND (8.23 million USD) per session, up 27 percent and 54 percent, respectively.

A total 440.94 million shares in the HNX30 group were traded at 7.09 trillion VND (311.9 million USD) in the nine-month period, accounting for 38.49 percent of traded amount and 53.58 percent of transaction value of the market.

Source: VNA

Photo: CBR Investment AG