Japan Looking for Early Agreement on TPP Deal Even Without U.S.


Japan is working with Vietnam and other nations to have an early agreement for a Trans-Pacific Partnership deal even without the U.S., Yasuhisa Nakao, deputy vice minister for international affairs in Japan’s finance ministry, says in an interview.

  • There may be an increase in number of bilateral trade agreements, but still no matter what kind of bilateral trade agreements or any other trade negotiations are going on, Japan is still looking for a good possibility of having this TPP-11 trade deal as early as possible, he said, referring to the number of nations potentially included in the deal
  • TPP is still Japan’s top priority, he says on sidelines of APEC meeting in Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Japan also looking at RCEP
  • Fed tightening creates risks but also brings in some opportunities, Japan looking at the markets all the time

Source: Bloomberg

Photo: CBR Investment AG