Import of low-priced Chinese cars on the rise


The import of low-priced Chinese cars into Vietnam has tended to be on the sharp rise.

According to the latest report from the Vietnam General Department of Customs, 65 cars of below nine seats were imported between May 25 and 31 from China into Vietnam, ranking joint first along with similar models imported from Mexico.

During the time, up to 83 made-in-China special-purpose vehicles, including trucks, were imported into Vietnam.

In the first five months of this year, 276 Chinese vehicles were imported into Vietnam, mostly low-priced cars of below nine seats. In previous years the majority of vehicles imported into Vietnam were trucks.

Chinese-produced Baic and Zotye vehicles have proved popular with local buyers.

The Zotye T300 SUV uses a Mitsubishi engine and looks similar to an Audi and BMW in terms of design.

Experts said that there would be a foothold for Chinese cars in Vietnam due to their design and being 50-60% cheaper than locally-manufactured or imported alternatives.