HCM City leader meets US investors


He lauded US investors in choosing Ho Chi Minh City to locate a financial tower project, expressing his hope that the project in Thu Thiem urban area will commence soon, thus making the area a financial centre in the region and attracting more world financial giants.

Thang said he believes that after US President Barack Obama’s visit and the Trans-Pacific Partnership takes effect, the city will welcome a new wave of US investment.The city leader also expressed his hope that President Obama will help further foster partnership between Ho Chi Minh City and US localities, making the US the largest investor in the city. Meanwhile, the city is preparing a qualified workforce to meet investors’ requirements, he added.For his part, Howard Lutnick briefed his host on Cantor Fitgerald’s plan to invest in the financial tower project in Ho Chi Minh City , saying that it can serve as an important point to rotate financial flow in the Southeast Asian region in the future.

Commenting that Ho Chi Minh City is a busy and dynamic locality with a strong start-up spirit among the youth, Lutnick pointed to abundant partnership opportunities for US investors. He also revealed Cantor Fitzgerald’s interest in the city.


Photo: CBR Investment AG