Derivatives market’s first month a success


Hanoi – According to reports by the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX), Vietnam’s derivatives market has finished its first month in operation with significant results and growing attention from investors.

Data from the HNX indicate that for the one-month period from August 10 to September 8, the newly established derivatives market has witnessed a considerable increase in terms of contracts, options, and accounts opened on the exchange.

By September 8, up to 7,849 accounts trading on the derivatives market have been opened, with a total of 85,641 delivered futures contracts worth up to 6.45 trillion VND (287.4 million USD).

On average, each trading session would yield up to 4,078 options at 307.1 billion VND (13.68 million USD).

At the end of September 8’s trading session, a total of 2,709 open interests were on the market.

In the past month, the HNX has recorded 92,812 options on the market, of which 49,513 have reached maturity.

Since August 10, the HNX has put up five futures contract codes based on the VN30 index, of which the VN30F1708 code reached maturity on August 17, 2017.

Investors have been showing greater interest in contracts with closer maturity dates, in accordance with international norms.

At present, the other four contract codes currently being traded are VN30F1709, VN30F1710, VN30F1712, and VN30F1803.

Since the commemoration of the Vietnamese derivatives market, all technological infrastructure including the exchange, market payment system, and information disclosure system, have been running smoothly, stably and safely with no malfunctions.

Systematic transactions and information exchanges among the HNX, the Vietnam Securities Depository Centre, the Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade, and other participants on the market are up to date and regular, with all maturity payments following regulations.

The HNX has been providing investors with comprehensive market information on their website with frequent updates, helping traders make appropriate decisions and anticipate market trends.

They also supply a constant stream of derivatives products that are suitable for various investing purposes, most notably futures contracts based on government bonds.

Source: VNA

Photo: HNX