Businesswomen inherit multi-trillion dong assets


VietNamNet Bridge – They are the next generation of successful businesswomen in Vietnam who own large conglomerates such as Thanh Thanh Cong, Biti’s, Nam Cuong and Muong Than

 Dang Huynh Uc My is the daughter of Dang Van Thanh, the founder of the well-known Sacombank, one of the largest banks, and the ‘Sugar Queen’ Huynh Bich Ngoc. My is called ‘Sugar Princess’.

  1. The businesswoman born in 1981 is now chair of Thanh Thanh Cong Investment JSC and member of the management board of Thanh Thanh Cong Tay Ninh Sugar JSC.

    My’s parents in 1980s earned their living with a workshop that made alcohol, CO2 and molasses. Thanh Thanh Cong was what they started business from. At first, the enterprise focused on distribution. Later, with improved financial capability, Thanh Thanh Cong invested in many other sugar companies. 

    The group now has 25 subsidiaries which operate in five major business fields, includng sugar, real estate, tourism, energy, education and farm produce.

    My, in the position of CEO of Thanh Thanh Cong in 2009-2012, made the group well known in Vietnam with a series of M&A deals in the sugar industry.

    2. The return of Biti’s, a footwear brand, in the domestic market was one of the hottest phenomena in the business circle in the first days of 2017. Vuu Le Quyen, deputy CEO of Biti’s, is behind the impressive return.

    Quyen is one of three children of Chinese-born businessman Vuu Khai Thanh. Another daughter – Vuu Le Minh – has also been working for Biti’s. 

Since August 2013, Biti’s has been building up a network of ‘one-stop shops’ throughout the country with the area of 150-200 square meters, which distribute all kinds of Biti’s products, instead of a network of sales agents in the past. The idea of developing a distribution network was raised by Quyen after she witnessed the success of Clarks brand.

3. Twenty years ago, Muong Thanh Group built the first hotel in Dien Bien City. Now it owns 53 hotels throughout the country and in Laos as well. And it is widely known that Le Thanh Than, called ‘farmer-pipe businessman’ as he likes smoking Vietnamese pipe tobacco. However, it is Le Thi Hoang Yen, his eldest daughter, general director of Muong Thanh Hotel Group, who manages the hotel chain.

Yen is the person who selects places for hotels, and plans the design and construction. She is also in charge of interior decoration and hotel management.

Yen graduated from Birmingham University and returned to Vietnam in 2011.

4. Tran Thi Quynh Ngoc, deputy chair of Nam Cuong, is the only daughter of the late businessman Tran Van Cuong. She s the current chair of Nam Cuong Group Le Thi Thuy Nga.



Photo: CBR Investment AG