Assets of Vietnamese banks reach US$440.5bn in 2017


Total assets of banks in Viet Nam by the end of last year surged 17.62 per cent against 2016 to VND10 quadrillion (US$440.5 billion).

Of the total assets, State-owned banks made VND4.57 quadrillion, increasing by 18.34 per cent and accounting for 45.7 per cent of the banks’ total assets. The figure for joint stock commercial banks was VND4.02 quadrillion, up 17.69 per cent, while it was VND954 trillion for joint venture banks and wholly foreign-owned banks, up 15.19 per cent.

Notably, last year saw the assets of financial and financial leasing companies surge sharply by 24.7 per cent to VND141.9 trillion.

Besides the assets increase, equity capital and charter capital of banks also rosed by 11.64 per cent and 4.91 per cent to VND714 trillion and VND512 trillion, respectively.

The charter capital of State-owned commercial banks last year inched up 0.82 per cent to VND147.77 trillion, while that of joint stock commercial banks reached VND214.79 trillion, up 6.94 per cent.

With regards to the capital adequacy ratio (CAR), all credit institutions mentioned above have CAR at above the 9 per cent limit, of which the ratio at State-owned banks was 9.52 per cent and joint stock commercial banks was 11.47 per cent.

The short-term capital for mid- and long-term lending ratio at State-owned banks was reported at 33.44 per cent, while it was 34.47 per cent for joint stock commercial banks and 48.81 per cent for financial leasing companies.


Photo: CBR Investment AG